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Production of Design: minimalist furniture for a classy home

Production of Design: minimalist furniture for a classy home

Production of Design: minimalist furniture for a classy home

Production of Design: minimalist furniture for a classy home

“Less is more!” First among everyone, the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe maintained  this idea, hereafter followed and imitated by several town planners and designers, as well as by the great Coco Chanel; in other words, elegance means simplicity. Production of Design conveys perfectly this concept, no doubt.


The minimalist furnishing style was born in the ’60s from a philosophical and artistic trend.

Minimalism gladly refuses  trimmings, in favor of space, which becomes a furniture component itself. The purpose of the minimalist furnishing style is to be extremely practical and handy: few easy-cleaning surfaces, no excess. That’s why it perfectly suits the modern life, where spaces and times are very diminished, due to logistical reasons as well as economic requirements.


All the furniture proposals by Product of Design are characterized by minimalism:

the keyword is “remove” – remove the useless, the non-essential, focusing on the space, and on what remains in it. From this operation of subtraction, a simple and contemporary style comes to light: it is plain and pragmatic, and the empty space has a furnishing purpose as well.


Production of Design: minimalist furniture for a classy homeGreen light to wall units, modular compositions, shelves and suspended pieces of furniture, characterized by simple shapes and by a sober, plain and modern design.

It is very important to underline that minimalism means few pieces of furniture, that must be functioning and well organized, to obtain the complete order inside and outside the structure.


The favorite shapes are the cube or the  parallelepipedon, and materials are sturdy, polished, with a firm character, plain, without frills. Surfaces are empty, sideboards refuse useless trimmings, and everything is plain and essential. In one word: pureness.


And if “minimal” means “essential”, the  favorite colors are neutral, just like white (synonym of innate elegance) and black, the nudes, gray, dove-gray, but also red and lacquered wood.

Thus, the elegance of the furniture shapes is underlined and emphasized.


And if you think that “minimalism” means lack of comfort… Don’t worry.

The furniture conceived by Production of Design is cozy, beautiful, and comfortable. Moreover, it donates space and brightness, giving a cozy, elegant, and noble nest to you.

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